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The conservation of fragile terrestrial and marine ecosystems needs professional expertise and a state-of-the-art approach to plan short and long term goals. We strive to integrate human activities within ecosystems by providing site and project specific recommendations to our clients. At sustech systems, we apply our expertise in conceptualization of sustainable design and render help in developing a liaison for legislation, policy-making and management.

About our eco-expert

Our Environmental Consultant has vast experience of handling ecology related projects in India. Some of the survey techniques utilized are:

  • Diurnal and nocturnal surveys of terrestrial, marine, industrial and residential habitats.

  • Point count, belt transects, flash counts, line transects, Camera traps surveys, quadrate surveys, etc.

  • Marine intertidal and macrofaunal surveys for oil pipeline project with focus on feasibility assessment of ecological conservation and mitigation.

  • Dry/terrestrial habitat study for pipeline, road, rail, megacity and industrial projects with aim to assess threats and mitigation measures.


Arabian Gecko


Arabian Dessert Habitat


Sea Turtles

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